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It’s been two years since the world fell into chaos. That would have been all well and good for you and your friends, except you weren’t given a piece of the pie—but, I’m getting ahead of myself. It started a few months before, but none of us were the wiser, even the Super Brains were fooled. So much for their vast intellects. It all started when the aliens arrived on December 23rd, 2012. Everyone had expected something to happen on that day, what with all the murmuring about prophecies and whatnot, but no one expected this. The Fins—those hulking, shark-like people from beyond the stars—attacked. They attacked without warning. They’re a savage race: the losses were devastating. We watched as New York became a war-zone, Tokyo burned, and even sunken Atlantis was turned to nothing but fizzing rubble and its ruler, the legendary superhero Aquarian, was slain. The heroes fought back, of course—it’s what they do. Battlesuits and blasters and hulking powerhouses of all types gathered together to push back the invaders as they had done so many times before, but the Fins were—are—a savage lot, and many fell in their wake.

“That’s when the V’sori showed up. They looked like those hailing from Atlantis, all blue-skinned and full of themselves, and they even claimed to be the long-lost descendants of those from Atlantis who had been searching for their cousins for years. They immediately joined the fray against the Fins, battling alongside Earth’s mightiest heroes. Champion, the most cherished hero of them all, called for everyone to hold out just a bit longer, and sure enough, the V’sori led the Fins into space, pulling them away from the conquered cityscapes here. A titanic battle was fought above the skylines, and soon the V’sori beamed images of the Fins retreating back into the depths of space with their fins tucked between their legs.

“The V’sori returned to Earth, victorious. The surviving heroes met them, welcoming them back into the fold. People cheered in the streets. Grand galas were held in their honor, with superhero, celebrity, and government authorities of all strokes gathering to meet with their otherworldly saviors. The V’sori were held in the highest esteem for weeks. The turning point was when Champion, Earth’s bravest hero, met with one of the high ranking V’sori generals on national television. Every home tuned in to watch their beloved heroes meeting to share their own stories. That was until the general’s elite squadron used his only weakness—radiation—against him. Earth’s strongest hero was turned into a pulpy mass of flesh and blood in one fell moment. Soon, V’sori warships flooded over the lands, turning their death rays against any who stood against them. Moments later, the Fins returned, this time under the command of the V’sori. Their united front proved too powerful, and within 30 minutes, every superhero and rebellious government agent were slaughtered in cold blood. They never stood a chance.

“The aliens had won. They wanted our resources, and the survivors were invaluable to harvesting them. The aliens did not destroy everything; quite the opposite, in fact: they replaced the fallen leaders with their own, or cowardly humans who took their side that fateful day. The world ticks on, forever changed: Fins prowl the streets looking for any superpowered individual to slaughter to ‘keep the peace’ while the V’sori masterminds pluck the strings from above. Those of us who survived live in fear. Some go about lives like we used to, ever aware of the new, merciless blue-skinned leaders and their shark-like bruisers; others hide in the shadows, too afraid to confront them, and more afraid to abide by them. But there are others, still. The heroes were slaughtered because they let their guards down, but not everyone with a handful of power was killed that day.

“We are the supervillains, and we’re the only ones left to save the world; we are a necessary evil.”

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