Character Generation

Making Characters

Characters are built on a Total of 500 Character Points, 100 pts of Complications are also required.

Campaign Averages:

Speed 5
Combat Value (OCV/DCV) base 8 (Can have up to 4 Combat Skill levels)
Damage Class (DC) 12
Active Points 60
Defenses 22 PD and ED, with up to 12 pts Resistant

Powers/Abilities/Etc not Allowed by PCs

  • Ranged and Hand to Hand Killing Attacks
  • Body Drains
  • Variable Powerpools

Abilities/Powers, etc. that require the GM’s Permission:

  • Things with the Magnifying Glass Symbol by it’s description
  • Things with the Stop Sign Symbol

More info here about making Characters that aren’t wimps.

* A Guide: Creating Hero System Characters *

GM’s Prerogative

I reserve the right to say no to any power/ability/etc. This can happen both when you initially give me the character for approval or anytime After a play session. This will only happen if you have an ability that is unbalancing to the campaign at large.

Character Generation

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